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Published 8 months ago.
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by Alex Schulz Oct 10, 2018 - 1 min. read

August Update

Dear Shareholders!

We are happy to see good traction on our business. See here in more Detail....

Progress & Success

• Product: New product updates/ features/ UI/UX. If necessary you can add screenshots.

• Team: Quick update on anyone you hired or fired

• Funding: M&A, VC interest etc.

Plans & Priorities (Outlook)

• Team: Finalize hire of our first internal android developer

• Product: A lot of users tried our product and never came back. So, in the next month, we’ll focus on the first user experience and retention.


• We are looking for an experienced social media manager. If you know someone who might be a good fit, please let us know.

• Please introduce us to MR. XY. We believe he could help us with our sales process

• If you have time we’d love to get feedback on the updated product

All over results are according to plan. For more details pls go here .

or find attached from the data room

or directly attached

Revenue this month  did grow by 10% but stayed slightly below plan.

Cash On Hand

Sep 2018

60,5 K EUR


Sep 2018


best, happy to discuss, jenny founder